Somebody’s Blogging Me…

WordPress Stalked #1…

By just looking at the first page of WordPress, my fingers stumble across Nick Hughes and his WordPress site My eyes begin to scan his blog topic for May 21 reading “Why I Cry During Horse Racing”. I was hooked. He connected horse racing to the war between MySpace and Facebook, business adventures, and everyday life events. He breaks his blog down into three sections. The first, The winner is almost always a surprise, dives into the thought that 20 horses start the race, but only one will win. He compares MySpace and Facebook by saying that MySpace was in the lead, but at the last moment Facebook prevailed. How very true. The second section, The winner almost always has to adjust their tactics mid-race, expresses how the jockey will change the game mid-race like a business will alter their strategies to succeed in the end. The last section, The winner almost always has a storied past, describes how the horse, the jockey, and the owner will all have a past that can be connected to this win.

WordPress Stalked #2

Did you know that even libraries use WordPress? Well, we do now. The Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia writes a blog, Monday through Friday, about books within their library. The staff will write the reviews and many WordPress users have found this helpful in finding books to fill their summer reading lists. The book that caught my interest was Keep the Change: A Clueless Tipper’s Quest to Become the Guru of the Gratuity, by Steve Dublanica. The staff provides insight from the book about how to tip for services in your community. Being a server/bartender, I was very intrigued to find that a book like this exists. I also was surprised by the many comments about tipping for services and for the most part, they were positive.

The WordPress site,, also offers a variety of books. It seems that they do not discriminate or favor genres such as romance, action, mystery, etc. The staff gives a layout of the book and provides their opinions as well.’s-quest-to-become-the-guru-of-the-gratuity-by-steve-dublanica



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